Saturday, May 7, 2011

Chinese popular network AV Nude Photos [gallery]

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Chinese woman surnamed Chen, who lives in Los Angeles recently shot "body art license", is online crazy pass. 
(United States, "World News" / photos by the newspaper clipping)

BEIJING, May 7 according to Xinhua, "World News" reported that a large number of shooting for "adult video" (Adult Video, referred to as AV) Los Angeles film and reputable Chinese girl "Zhang Li" (Evelyn Lin), recently Network World has become the star of the human body model. One group of her "body art license" in the online crazy biography, has been described as "the United States is cardiac arrest." However, "Zhang Li" and the "cross-sector performance" did not provoke a broadside and abusive users.

"Zhang Li" is only used his real name Evelyn Lin, according to informed sources, who attended the University of California San Diego (UCSD) in fact the girls name is Chen, origin, Hunan, Fujian young moved with his family, five years old (some say four years) immigrants to the United States and settled in Southern California. Her father was very active in Los Angeles Qiao She served as a director of the mainland community of new immigrants. Chen woman spent high school in Diamond Bar, it is also since then, she began shooting AV, as very few in this industry in the Chinese "Idol" is one.

Chen F, introduced its Web site, she was born August 17, 1987, 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighing 110 pounds, is a Leo. Because Hunan, eating spicy food. Network information also shows that in the last six years she has photographed hundreds of pornographic AV, and her appearance with the "superior man" is also white, yellow, black variety of color and taste. Two years ago, she entered the AV industry, the story in the media, the online uproar, many netizens accuse her "lost the Chinese people face," but it was also for her defense, that do "Idol" also normal job, not worth it fuss.

Chen female life looks pristine, seeds face, slender eyes, a slight smile, a bit shy also.AV industry has been famous not for her, it is difficult to imagine such a girl will be publicly displayed in front of the camera in the most intimate human behavior.

AV "Actress" and the human models are two different concepts, the former is sexually explicit performer, his best film by the provocative actions taken as possible; the latter, while also exposing the body, but usually only for people to pose shot does not involve sex, plus still pictures, stimulate the senses less. Transition from the human body model to the AV "Idol" requires more courage, but also more difficult to obtain social recognition; but women such as Chen to do enough AV "Actress" and then when the body model, can only be a piece of cake.

Chen female chat online with friends, I said, she was naive to believe that shooting might help to enter the AV real career. However, according to the birthplace of Japan's survey of adult video, AV "Actress" eventually reborn onto the big screen who are very few.Even if the "restructuring" the success of a history before the audience will not be forgotten, will always be regarded as "off the first three films star."

Of course, both renamed "Evelyn Lin" how women have a sense of accomplishment Chen, income how rich, her means of livelihood is still hard to be tolerated by district, her family can not help due to shame her. No matter where Chinese settlers, moral values ​​are difficult to open to the appreciation of the extent of this occupation.

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