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Love of the party accused the King of Sweden close protection agents merry king

Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia.

In a biography published last year, the Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf has been blasting in strip club rave party of 6 games with strippers and music, and with a sexy Swedish model to compose a romance extramarital affairs; a strip club owner, former Mafia members of the hand of the king pictures taken in clubs, with the king about two other naked women. The latest disclosure of a biography, said the king had tried to help a close friend of Anders, a mafia bosses to help buy the photos, to quell the scandal Gustav. Recently, Gustav break the silence, a rare television interview, denied that he had visited the strip club.

Subvert the image of the wandering sex party

Gustav, now 65, had been widely regarded as the 21st century model of the royal family patriarch, his quiet integrity, loved by the people. He married 34 years with Queen Silvia of Sweden is renowned the model couple. Gustav favorite hobby is hunting, if you insist on fault-finding, he was one of the few high-speed driving is a bad habit. However, last November, according to a biography published on Gustav "reluctant monarch," the disclosure, the name of the King of Sweden's hobbies include inviting strippers to open such rave parties, which have revolutionized Gustav in national in the eyes of the perfect monarch image.

A relationship with the party girl

Several women in the book that they have in the sex party and had sex with Gustav.Gustav once allegedly attending a banquet celebrating the carnival after the deer activity, and two women who both play "sex games." In the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, the Olympic Games as guests of Gustav's Gold Club in the local nightclub ho throw $ 10,000 for carnival, and a stripper alone, and alone in a private room for two hours.

Nightclub owner, Mark Victor Mill former Mafia members, said Carl XVI to be his club's "regulars" made him feel very happy because it means that Swedish police conducted their nightclub "spot checks" the possibility to greatly reduced.

King wanted to elope with lover

In addition, the "reluctant monarch," a book of 14 pages of at least disclosed the beautiful singer Gustav and Sweden, the former fashion model Camilla Mark Hennigan "secret love affair." Gustav and even Mark Hennessey, 47, discuss "run away" to an uninhabited island life, day by eating coconuts to survive.

The book said the Queen Silvia despite her husband's affair "crystal clear", but there is no way, because Gustav "has been caught like teenagers in love." Mark Hennessey interview later denied their relationship is not directly, but rather ambiguously that "a lawyer who advises not to make any comment."

For the "reluctant monarch," the book describes the content, Gustav said: "I have and my family and talked to the queen, we choose to let the history of the past, choose to continue to look ahead. After all, these are is what happened a long time ago. "

To buy Pornographic underworld close friend?

However, one after another. Recently published book, "Swedish Godfather" to revisit the issues, will once again pushed to the cusp Gustav.

Mark Victor said earlier, there are pictures of Gustav taken at the nightclub, the photo with the king about two other naked women. "Sweden Godfather," a book revealed that a close friend Gustav Anders with a mafia bosses had tried to buy these photos help to quell the scandal Gustav.

"Sweden Godfather," a book with the mafia bosses revealed Anders bodyguard Daniel Weber 米兰瑟沃斯 up to 8 hours between the recordings of conversations recorded conversation in November last year. Dialogue shows Anders hope Mark Webber to help find out Vic "really want to play any tricks." Later, Anders admitted in an interview with the mafia members did contact, but this has nothing to do with the king. "I have family, friends and the King to apologize, because they were hurt by my initiative." Anders said.

King denied the allegations on TV

Gustav has a rare television interview, the program was broadcast on May 30 local time. Gustav said his old friend Anders did not know it all, but Anders did very right, and make a clean break with Anders.

In addition, Gustav denied that he had patronized a strip club mentioned in the book, Mark Victor said the so-called photo is of a non-existent. "There can be no such photos, not seen, or perhaps any of the things I can not comment." Gustav said, "This thing to me, my family, and even bring harm to the Swedish monarchy."

According to reports, the public television station TV4 in Sweden claimed that a reporter has seen the photos in the hands of Mark Victor. Requirements of public television station TV4 Royal Court production of relevant evidence.

□ Marriage

He and the queen was

Swedish model couple

Gustav's wife, Wang 后西尔维娅特 origin of civilians, is a hybrid of Brazil and Germany. Munich Olympics in 1972 they know and love at first sight, when Silvia is the Olympic reception staff. They married in 1976, has not heard of any marital problems.

Year, this prince and Cinderella-style romance incurred numerous accusations and condemnation. The King and the royal family that civilian exchanges demeaning women, the media is hype it as a scandal. Gustaf and Silvia to each other, had to disguise himself in order to deceive the public, even in Sweden trying to force the opposition to step down Gustav.

□ Secret

Insider Secret Protection Party

Photo film never leak

"Reluctant monarch" jointly by the three investigations of the co. The book said that Gustav had visited a strip club in Sweden, Stockholm, the capital city of a strip club and even the mafia have been involved. In the nightclub's "sex party" is usually very promiscuous, a number of beautiful young girls (some models) often "take off their clothes, then sat on the men's thighs."

"Reluctant monarch," a book that insider Gustav over the years to participate in sex parties are not exposed because of his Secret Service in Sweden implemented a tight security and precautionary measures. When Gustav to a nightclub rave, any woman trying to shoot himself and the king of the carnival with photos and video, which undermine the reputation of Carl XVI pictures and videos will be confiscated by the Swedish secret service force.

Swedish Secret Service agents have even a search of these women having an affair with the king's home, confiscated the women's carnival party in Gustav captured the "absolute privacy" photos and negatives. Wrote: "If someone refused to be turned over to camera data, then some unpleasant things will happen."

□ throne

Princess succession of high gas

Dad do not want the king to abdicate

Gustav of Sweden scandal that people are very unhappy, and even polls show 54% of people wanted the king to step down to make way for Princess. April this year, Gustav has just turned 65 years old to the statutory retirement age, but he said it would work more actively, and not ready to pass bits to 33-year-old daughter, Victoria. He said: "According to tradition, this will not happen."

Victoria Prince is the first woman in Sweden. Daniel Weiss, with her personal trainer Sterling fell in love in 2002 and met and married last year. Polls show popular than the father of Victoria.

There can be no such photos, not seen, or perhaps any of the things I can not comment. "

- King Gustav of Sweden, said the respondents

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