Monday, May 16, 2011

From supermodel to Beijing beauty bodyguards Miss dignitaries stunning debut

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Brought bodyguards, many people may think of Wudasancu the brawny, but you know, from Zhongnanhai to the British royal family, foreign dignitaries and no lack of beautiful bodyguards around, Charlie's Angels are not only the powerful elite, and "suck eyes" are amazing effort 
From supermodel to miss the third Beijing, and their stylish appearance but also makes eyes stunning. Pictured: Russia's first beauty bodyguards Luigi Nova.
Anna Nova • Luigi (September 3, 1978 - January 27, 2008), is the beauty of Russia's most famous bodyguard, is also Russia's top supermodel.
As a supermodel, she is BMW, Chanel spokesman for one of the brand in Russia. At the same time making a large number of advertising and MTV, is the idol of the younger generation in Europe and America.
Luigi Nova is a female bodyguard has a good reputation, but also the operation of a billionaire and his wife, his mistress for Moscow to provide female bodyguards operations of the organization, many of these female bodyguards trained by the KGB intelligence agency. But the most famous in Russia this year, the most attractive female bodyguards tried to stop the robbers in the robbery was his Porsche car accident killed when the age of 29.
Anna Nova • Luigi.
克尔恰金娜, who was a shooter, later the KGB recruited to become one of the first female bodyguard, and now she is the Association of the Northwest Branch of the Russian guards in charge.克尔恰金娜 said that in case of emergency, anything can become their weapon, such as credit card issuers, brooch or something.
Beautiful side of Chinese women guard --- May, she was known as the first female bodyguards, to many foreigners left a good memory.
Side of plum, one meter tall and eight, slim, it Qian Li's appearance, make it difficult to imagine that she has an excellent effort. She likes martial arts since childhood, playing Cha fist, fist, crisp, acted powerfully; Wu Qi Jian short spike, the wind and the soft economy, sharp edge.
Mei has also been elected side, "Miss Beijing," the third.
Taiwan "premier" Liu side, one had been with Annette Lu, Taiwan's taekwondo have had [this it does not support foreign chains] of 23-year-old girl bodyguard Linzi Yu. When the big eyes, long hair, wearing a stylish, very beautiful slim girl in front of the camera, all of Taiwan have been shocked, no one would have thought she turned out to be Taiwan's political figures around the female bodyguards.
Linzi Yu has a pair of electronic eyes and fair skin, tall black also keep long hair, but for her beautiful work looks Quedui causing distress, it is understood, following Ma Ying-jeou to run in her trip, a plain clothes so that onlookers often Most people mistakenly think she is, she was approached to be further approached to phone harassment in the face of these inexplicable, often embarrassing to Linzi Yu.
Linzi Yu's appearance not only "kill" to the people of Taiwan, the global media reports the "beauty bodyguards" when there will always be referred to her.
The large eyes and long hair, wearing a stylish, very beautiful slim girl, no one would have thought she turned out to be a woman with care, responsible for protecting the security of Lu. Not only looks rosy, but more powerful is her real skills, as she walked taekwondo students.
Vivian Ma bodyguard team, amazing, "Johnson points" Zhang Yajie. It is understood, Zhang Yajie the first network anchor of the past is Taiwan, Taiwan's dreams, but give up the anchor ring, into Secret Service Centre bodyguards task. In this regard, she said: "Every work, all enriched my life!"
Taiwan, "Minister of Justice," Wang Ching-feng female police bodyguard, but also First Girls marching squad leader, Taiwan media reported that the pony-delicate female police officers, but great background.
Distinctive flavor of the South Korean female bodyguard: South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun visited South Korea when the Army's armored units, plainclothes guards photographed images of the presidential palace!
Putin's bodyguards are all graduates of higher learning, all of them are diplomats.
Libyan President Gaddafi's female bodyguards.
Peruvian President bodyguards Laity • Barr Dedalus. Barr Dedalus looks handsome, capable, former presidential bodyguard. However, because of her affair with President Alejandro Toledo's constant reports that she had to resign to the national police work.
Prince William female bodyguards.
Extremely cool female bodyguard bodyguards Bush.
Norway has a billionaire boyfriend female bodyguards. Norway's Kvaerner company's largest shareholder, billionaire Kejie Er • Kyrgyzstan • Rock by Princess of Hebi with Norway's former bodyguard, 37-year-old Anna was Siwei • Gretel • Ai fall in love. This affair began in the summer, the time is still Hebi Siwei Eide Princess's personal private bodyguard. Because the cause of the nature of work, love of both sides hope to try to keep a low profile. Siwei Eide from Norway K9 Police Department, has participated in peacekeeping forces in Kosovo.

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